17. &&im j u s t liiik3,, [[ehmagawd]]

sowwy for the annoying ass title. i just am so pissed at those god damn people.

kay so NYR#2!

become an optimist while* retaining your pessimistic outlook.

say you've got a chance to win a car.
don't say:
"We're not going to win that car."
"We're gonna win!!"

that's the optimistic part.
now for the pessimistic outlook part, say:
"We have a shot at winning! But it's a long shot, and not likely."

and that's the way we do it. got it? greatness chicks.

*i didnt write these, so sorry the spelling is so damn messed up.


16. happy new year's resolutions.

hey babies. im doing new years resolutions!!!!!!! yay!!
so every week i'll post more.
we'll start at numero uno, as predicted.

really! you don't need to take the blame for anyone else; you have it hard enough as it is. let people handle their own problems. don't let people walk all over you!


15. hoy chi chi. joder!

heyhey my friends. so i was watching final destination 2 & 3. 3 is definitely better. and i watched Just Friends. it was odd. but funny. but really odd...

tv shpill:
okay soo i was right, kirk got off. boo-freaking-hoo.
america's got talent, Fighting Gravity is really good.
um, Hills series finaly! so bittersweet!! aw :/ it was such a good show!!
okay omg pretty little liars is freaking amazing. like is that girl dead or not? what's the deal with toby? jenna? who's a? aaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
uhmm, i think that's about it for now.

oksooooo yeh byes mah bros



hey so you know who i love ?
eric from that 70s show. and geof from ace of cakes. and rj from hard times of rj berger.
i think im a nurd luva.

its raining outside. freakinn cool!
i like rain.

my story is sucking because i haven't really written in forever. however i am on facebook now and its preatty stupid.

um bachelorette is going home to meet the folks!
we yell that every time hes on the screen, little cheatin bastard.
i want her to pick chris L. hes so sweet!

these are my faves, in order:
1. chris L
2. Roberto
3. kirk
4. frank (he has a girlfriend)

um yeh so i had a sleepover with my friends the other night and it was cool. we were going to this club but then we didnt. but we beached it the next day so that was cool.
im having another slepover wedbesday. with my Jack's Girls. except for annaleigh, who has moved to boca, florida :/
so im in a poke war with taylor, megan, and kate.
uum. yeah i think youre up to date! no pix this time, just because.