hey so im back i guess for like a week. havent posted in forever. you can see how dedicated i am to this... ha. anyway christmas was pretty rage except for my uncle who only cares about madi and his obnox wife. but whoo needs them?
i think im pretty independent.
i got my docs for christmas :) yellow. theyre so sick. i also got abbey road on vinyl which is awes and some other sweet kicks and a shirt and a clapper :) and a hair thingy and some other stuff. so it was pretty nice. i want a new surfboard and a new longboard. i got new drumsticks though.
how waz ur xmas? was it totes amazesauce? LOLZ. i hate fucking freshmen. they are so annyoing. i fucking hate most of my school actually. oh well. a year or whatnot and im out! i cant wait till college. seriously, i just want to get out of school and start my life already.
i march to the beat of my own drum. and thats okay, ive decided. take me or leave me, love me or hate me. i promise it wont make or break me.
peace out girl scout


18. ollie ollie oxen...... yeah...

so ali chose roberto. whatever.

pll is over for the season.. :(

well, at least i still got rj berger!!
hes so cute.

ummmmmmmmmmm, i dont really know what to say, i just thought like posting.

i am in love with ERIC HUTCHINSON. if you have never heard his music, listen to it now!! he is so fucking amazing, its insane.

im meeting new people tomorrow :) im excited. hope there are some hotties.

uh yeah. im gonna putt up an assload of pix later, so keep an eye outt!

bye bitchass


17. &&im j u s t liiik3,, [[ehmagawd]]

sowwy for the annoying ass title. i just am so pissed at those god damn people.

kay so NYR#2!

become an optimist while* retaining your pessimistic outlook.

say you've got a chance to win a car.
don't say:
"We're not going to win that car."
"We're gonna win!!"

that's the optimistic part.
now for the pessimistic outlook part, say:
"We have a shot at winning! But it's a long shot, and not likely."

and that's the way we do it. got it? greatness chicks.

*i didnt write these, so sorry the spelling is so damn messed up.


16. happy new year's resolutions.

hey babies. im doing new years resolutions!!!!!!! yay!!
so every week i'll post more.
we'll start at numero uno, as predicted.

really! you don't need to take the blame for anyone else; you have it hard enough as it is. let people handle their own problems. don't let people walk all over you!


15. hoy chi chi. joder!

heyhey my friends. so i was watching final destination 2 & 3. 3 is definitely better. and i watched Just Friends. it was odd. but funny. but really odd...

tv shpill:
okay soo i was right, kirk got off. boo-freaking-hoo.
america's got talent, Fighting Gravity is really good.
um, Hills series finaly! so bittersweet!! aw :/ it was such a good show!!
okay omg pretty little liars is freaking amazing. like is that girl dead or not? what's the deal with toby? jenna? who's a? aaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
uhmm, i think that's about it for now.

oksooooo yeh byes mah bros



hey so you know who i love ?
eric from that 70s show. and geof from ace of cakes. and rj from hard times of rj berger.
i think im a nurd luva.

its raining outside. freakinn cool!
i like rain.

my story is sucking because i haven't really written in forever. however i am on facebook now and its preatty stupid.

um bachelorette is going home to meet the folks!
we yell that every time hes on the screen, little cheatin bastard.
i want her to pick chris L. hes so sweet!

these are my faves, in order:
1. chris L
2. Roberto
3. kirk
4. frank (he has a girlfriend)

um yeh so i had a sleepover with my friends the other night and it was cool. we were going to this club but then we didnt. but we beached it the next day so that was cool.
im having another slepover wedbesday. with my Jack's Girls. except for annaleigh, who has moved to boca, florida :/
so im in a poke war with taylor, megan, and kate.
uum. yeah i think youre up to date! no pix this time, just because.


13. asdfghjkl;

okay so my hands smell like hot glue. :/
i love weezer.
im writing a great story. im so happy about how it's coming along!!! aah!
this is a short post. but i needed to tell someone about my glue hands.
tonight on bachelorette (ps i love that show) allie knocked of Jesse! omg! i was so mad at her! what the fuck was that little bitch thinking? Jesse was the hottest one in the whole thing! and wtf with kasey? really? hes such a creep! well at least weatherman is gone, lol. now i like chris l, kirk, and some other guy but idk his name. um. yeah.


12. Buddy Holly - Weezer < fuckyeh.

so this is a half//done set inspired by a new story. its kind of like perks of being a wallflower, i think, but not as depressing. and yeah. well actually, nevermind. yeah. 1:54 AM. goodnight.


11. fuck, i lost my pinecone.

i gottttta new layout!! tell me watcha thinkk. i like it. its mod. whatever the hell that means.
you know what i love?
because you are reading my blog. its very kind of you.

im obsessed with thirdwaveeee ska rightt now! <3
ohh my god its so good.

so i kinda am in love with jack johnson. i really want tickets to his show! me and a few of my friends (cellie, conner, anna, and eric) and iii are going to get tickets together. im so excited!

uhh.... lets see. so its been a while since ive posted. yeah. um. its been like almost 3 weeks from summer's start. thats crazy. three weeks since i've seen everyone. including cale, my pot-smoking rasta almost-lover. i swear, if school was a week longer i would have been going out with him. :/. oh well. he has my number, but he never texted me.. its odd. oh well. um.

wow, this is a very personal post! lets recap:
- cellie - one of my best friends
- conner - guy best friend
- anna - one of the besties
- eric - other guy bff
- cale - in a likeship* with me.

*likeship - when two people like eachother

hmm. now for pictures:
i've got:
- superfuckingawesome rainbow
- random fan thingy
- 2 cool picuters of something...
- escalade thing.
- surprise.
- some hot guys

SUMMER2O1O<3 aah!

knockout - lil wayne ft. nicki minaj
perf summer song! do itt!


1O. things i hate about you

i am in love with this man and his glasses. burn notice <3

ten random facts:
1. i have counted to infinity. twice.
2. the number 10 has two digits.
3. the fist product to have a bar code was Wrigleys gum.
4. elephants are the only mammals that can't jump.
5. the pancreas produces insulin.
6. bruce lee was so fast that they actually had to slow the film down so you could see his moves.
7. casablanca is morocco's largest city.
8. not everyone dreams in color.
9. the first owner of the marlboro company died of lung cancer. (ironic)
10. all polar bears are left handed

i think i'll do the random facts when i reach milestones. its cool.

O9. and lookin finee.

let me explain:
the car - agent cody banks was on today. on disney channel. i hate the disney channel. but i decided to embrace my youth and watch this throwback of a movie anyway. it has a descent soundtrack. and the car = love. Ferrari Dino 246 GTS Spyder. dreammmmm car. (well, one of them)
the words - nice quote, dontchaa think?
the wish - postsecret is also one of my obsessions. i saw this and it just gave me this feeling. thus, it ended up here.

g'day mates.


O8. jimmy fallon = love ? haha

you know who is cute? jon bon jovi. well, kinda. if you look beyond the 80's shag. and i just found out i have a weird nerd crush on jimmy fallon. haha <3 hes so cute though! and i am officially obsessed with his show. so funny.


O7. Très Magnifique!

im writing a story. another story. a new story. i have a hundred old, unfinished stories. that i should probably get to working on. i've decided to make this a blog of my life, my teen years, my now. and i might post my stories, i haven't decided.



im reading "The Choice" by Nicholas Sparks. It's really good. I imagine Paul Walker as Travis. But I don't know about Gabby. I can't find a red-head that i can picture as her. any suggestions?
i also watched The Blind Side yesterday. for the second time. it was really good.
im so excited for summer tv!!! The Bachelorette, Kourtney & Khloe Take Miami, and Wipeout! lol i love that show. did anyone catch the finale of 90210 or Gossip Girl? they were pretty rave. oh and i cant wait until Pretty Little Liars tv show in the fall!! yayy!!!

im a pornstar. lol JK im miley cyrus. oh wait, thats the same thing isn't it... whoops.