O5. C H E L L I E Z O H R

hey so you know what i realized? i never did an all-about-me post!

soooooooooo post five is devoted to the life of yours truly.

im chellie, i love music, im a rastafarian, i play guitar, drums, ukelele, harmonica, and piano. i love writing and being creative, i need more sleep than ill ever get, if i had to pick one favorite color, it would be white. okay whatever so its not really a color, but idgaf, i like it. but my favorite colorssss are green yellow red (in that order - rasta obvss<3) i love my life, im not a chronic stoner, Long Beach is the hometownn (sublime style, bitch;)) i love iced tea and Panda Express <3 i dont drink soda, im an indie/rasta, i love shopping (Urban Outfitters = love) i've got brown hair and bright eyes, and tannish skin (im working on it, okayy), if i got a tattoo, it would be a nautical star on my wrist^^. or the sublime sun on my wrist^^ i am a petrarchan lover, pretty much. i think facebook is a waste of time, i think paul walker^^ is one of the sexiest men alive, and i think that jack johnson is a genius. when i grow up i want to be a pilot and writer, i've never been out of these 48 continental united states, i want to move to Hawaii, i am obsessed with cars and college football (go gators!) and fall is the best season. my best friend is crazy, my boyfriend is inexistant, Taylor Swift has a song for everything. action movies are the best. always a surfer, beach bum, longboarder. im chellie. this is me.

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