11. fuck, i lost my pinecone.

i gottttta new layout!! tell me watcha thinkk. i like it. its mod. whatever the hell that means.
you know what i love?
because you are reading my blog. its very kind of you.

im obsessed with thirdwaveeee ska rightt now! <3
ohh my god its so good.

so i kinda am in love with jack johnson. i really want tickets to his show! me and a few of my friends (cellie, conner, anna, and eric) and iii are going to get tickets together. im so excited!

uhh.... lets see. so its been a while since ive posted. yeah. um. its been like almost 3 weeks from summer's start. thats crazy. three weeks since i've seen everyone. including cale, my pot-smoking rasta almost-lover. i swear, if school was a week longer i would have been going out with him. :/. oh well. he has my number, but he never texted me.. its odd. oh well. um.

wow, this is a very personal post! lets recap:
- cellie - one of my best friends
- conner - guy best friend
- anna - one of the besties
- eric - other guy bff
- cale - in a likeship* with me.

*likeship - when two people like eachother

hmm. now for pictures:
i've got:
- superfuckingawesome rainbow
- random fan thingy
- 2 cool picuters of something...
- escalade thing.
- surprise.
- some hot guys

SUMMER2O1O<3 aah!

knockout - lil wayne ft. nicki minaj
perf summer song! do itt!

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