hey so im back i guess for like a week. havent posted in forever. you can see how dedicated i am to this... ha. anyway christmas was pretty rage except for my uncle who only cares about madi and his obnox wife. but whoo needs them?
i think im pretty independent.
i got my docs for christmas :) yellow. theyre so sick. i also got abbey road on vinyl which is awes and some other sweet kicks and a shirt and a clapper :) and a hair thingy and some other stuff. so it was pretty nice. i want a new surfboard and a new longboard. i got new drumsticks though.
how waz ur xmas? was it totes amazesauce? LOLZ. i hate fucking freshmen. they are so annyoing. i fucking hate most of my school actually. oh well. a year or whatnot and im out! i cant wait till college. seriously, i just want to get out of school and start my life already.
i march to the beat of my own drum. and thats okay, ive decided. take me or leave me, love me or hate me. i promise it wont make or break me.
peace out girl scout

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