2O. IM LIVING A LIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wazzup wazzup. i hate that i cant be myself all the time. i hate that i'm never myself. i hate that i don't have the things i need to be myself.

anyway my old neighbors just dropped in. and i looked like shit because i just woke up. but ofuckingwell. they invited me to their house in miami floridaa ;) so imma party it up with them this summer. pretty stoked. anyway, they all looked the same except bigger. i hadnt seen them in like 4 years, so... obviously they'd be bigger.

bachelor15 is on!! and you KNOW my obsesh with the bach. at this point i dont even know anyones names yet but the guy Brad. who btw is NOT as hawt as Jake was. but he'll have to do i guess. i mean hes not ugly or anything....

also pll is back. which is cool. but the episodes so far have been lameo so hopefully it gets good again soon. i already know what happens though in the end and everything so yeah. but oh well. i really dgaf.

i only really have it together when im surfing. that;s a secret of mine. i just make it look like i know what im doing all the other times. but when im on that board i know what ive got to do and i do it. i wish life was as easy as that. i wish i could live in hawaii. or australia. but i like long beach. its nice. and its home... for now.

go fuck yourself, san diego.


p.s. that movie anchorman is not funny. i just felt like putting that... i seriously only laughed once that whole freaking movie. so stupid....

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